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Garmont has had the tactical footwear industry in a chokehold since coming on the scene years ago, consistently manufacturing quality boots catered to the veteran tactician. The Garmont Boots line has and continues to be one of the most popular and trusted brands that U.S. Patriot carries, with customers gushing over pairs of boots they had years ago, while on active duty, that they still use in their current day to day. We could cite our reviews on the BIFIDA or the Extreme GTX in the past, but it’s clear from the overwhelming demand for Garmont boots, that they are still many enlisted men and women’s brand of choice for garrison or in the field. It’s with that sense of brand and product loyalty that we are proud to announce the newest Garmont boot, exclusive to U.S. Patriot. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Garmont T8 Falcon.


NEW Garmont AR670-1 & AFI 36-2903 Compliant Boot

NEW Garmont AR670-1 & AFI 36-2903 Compliant Boot

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The Garmont T8 Falcon is Go for Launch

Making its long-anticipated debut at SHOT Show 2022, The Garmont T8 Falcon has its sights focused on revolutionizing the lightweight boot market. If you’re looking for quality footwear that oozes quality and versatility, this is the boot for you. The speed and stability of the Garmont T8 Falcon compare to no other offering currently available in the industry, and it’s already sprinting to checkouts online and in-store.

These boots were made to take a lickin’ and keep on kickin’ with a durable upper suede that features breathable polyester panels and webbing reinforcement. The breathable polyester liner promotes air flow, while a 4mm moisture control PU footbed ensures that whatever terrain you’re rucking through – the elements won’t slow you down or stand in your way. The zama alloy hooks will hold their position well due to quality construction from Garmont. A 100% rubber outsole provides unbeatable traction on slippery surfaces, and as an added bonus the expanded EVA midsole with anti-torsion shank will deliver comfort from the moment you lace up your boots in the morning until you kick them off at home.

Side Profile View of the T8 Falcon

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Regardless if you’re active in the field, rucking through 20 miles, or maintaining comfort while in your OCPs, the Garmont T8 Falcon delivers reliable, solid performance day in and day out. You could have 50+ lbs. of gear strapped to your back and the support system the Falcons offer, have been put through their paces by soldiers in the field before being released to the public. This was imperative in ensuring the perfect blend of forum and function, and how those two elements cause an individual to thrive under any conditions.

Drill Instructor

” I’ve been wearing garmont T8’s for the last 7 years as my duty boots. I have trudged through deserts, swamps, mountains, and selection, but I never put my uniform on without these boots. I was asked to try the new garmont’s, and I was a bit skeptical. They didn’t look as rugged as the T8’s. These boots are outstanding. They feel light like running shoes, while tough like the Garmont T8’s. The sole is firm while still comfortable. Currently I am on the trail turning civilians in to infantrymen. I pack the miles on my feet. These boots are saving my feet due to their light weight. I would highly recommend these to anyone.” – Jeremy

SF Team Leader

” These boots were comfortable right out of the box. As a ten year Special Operations veteran, I have gone through a ton of boots and have needed boots for many different situations. These are well made, versatile, have good traction, and are very breathable. They were supportive enough for a weighted, cross terrain movement but comfortable enough for a long day on the range or in the shoot house. Overall, I’m very happy with these boots and would absolutely recommend them.” – Derek

Product Design Sketch of T8 Falcon
A preliminary sketch of the initial T8 Design. Courtesy of Garmont International.

ROTC Instructor

” My initial impression: wow! These boots were comfortable right out of the box. I wear them both in garrison and when I go to the field. They’re not the lightest boot (not the heaviest either) but provide the best ankle support out of any boot I have tried. They are well made, have great traction, and are very breathable. Wore them on a 8 mile ruck 3 days after receiving them, not one hot spot at all, and they form great to my feet. The laces are great and so is the padding. My biggest CON to this boot is the tongue design. It is a little bulky and takes some getting used to but you don’t even notice it after a few days of wearing them. All around, an amazing boot. They feel great, breathe great, and don’t leave my feet aching when I’m wearing them.” – Thomas

MCCC Instructor

“Disclaimer up front- I have only had these for about two months now and worn them primarily in the office. Overall, pretty satisfied with the look and feel of these boots. They seem like they would be great for walking in the woods with a ruck, but I’m not sure about a prolonged or forced march as they do have a good amount of give. Fit and Comfort: The boots fit really well. They feel like a crossover between T8 BIFIDA Regular and the T8 NFS 670 Regular. The Falcons have pretty good ankle support and comfortable soles, and they are very comfortable for daily wear. Durability: Overall they seem like quality boots, typical of Garmont.” – Connor


“I wore the Garmont Falcons for the past month during work as well as hikes totaling 70 miles. They are well made with an emphasis on the attachment of the sole to the boot. This is the first point of failure for my other boots. The boots were very stiff given the material, but slowly broke in over time. The ankle portion of the boot seemed to pinch a little at first. Talking to other guys, who own Garmonts, the work around seems to be to skip the lacing grommet at your ankle when you lace up you boots. The boots did well in water. It didn’t take long for the water to dump out leaving my feet just wet instead of squishing around. My heel seemed to move around in the boot a little more after it was wet, but not bad enough to cause hot spots. After I got home, the boots dried out overnight under a fan. The Garmont’s insoles were noticeably better than what I am used to and kept my feet from feeling fatigue. They are not the lightest boots I own, but I will say they are very light for how much support they offer. The Vibram sole allowed for excellent traction on loose and wet terrain. Overall, if you are in mountainous terrain or require more support for your ankles, this boot will allow you to do it with out weighing you down. I was impressed with the quality and durability.” – Jared

How the Garmont T8 Falcon fits into the rest of the T8 Line

While the Falcon is a revolutionary piece of footwear, it’s not product that’s been engineered for situations in extreme elements. We’ve previously written on how to properly utilize Garmont’s boot line in the past, but with the recent addition it’s worth updating. Let’s take a look at what the consensus is on the benefits to each T8 product, from both customer and employee reviews.

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Final Thoughts

Most enlisted men & women we speak to that make the switch to Garmont rarely (if ever) switch to another brand. A lot of that brand loyalty stems from Garmont’s ability to blend the comfort of a tennis shoe, the flexibility of performance footwear, and the durability you’ve come to expect. It boasts impressive shock-absorption technology, and is proven to be true to size with a brief break-in period. Their constant practicality and adaptability are one of the many reasons this boot was the talk of Vegas at SHOW Show in 2022. It’s no secret Garmont focuses heavily on the technology and research needed to achieve the level of flexibility and traction the T8 line is known for, but what they’ve done with the Falcon is revolutionary.

With its unbeatable traction, expanded EVA midsole, and anti-torsion shank, it will deliver comfort all day long while weighing in at a an incredible 498 grams. This boot permits an adequate amount of airflow, and is is AR670-1 and AFI 36-2903 compliant and ready to wear with OCP uniforms.

It’s also worth noting that these boots pair well with Danner TFX Hot Weather Drymax Over-Calf Socks for those interested in advanced odor and moisture control in arid climates, and as always, if you need an extra set of laces we suggest the US Patriot 550 Paracord Boot Laces.

View of the Upper and Midsole of the T8 Falcon

If you’d like to check out our specs page on the T8 Falcon, click here and be redirected to that page.

NEW Garmont AR670-1 & AFI 36-2903 Compliant Boot

NEW Garmont AR670-1 & AFI 36-2903 Compliant Boot

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