Biden Melts Down As He’s Aware Enough to Know He’s Losing

President of the United States - Joe Biden | Credits: AP
President of the United States - Joe Biden | Credits: AP

United States: Amidst the political landscape, Joe Biden, purportedly at the helm of the free world, teeters precariously on the brink of irrelevance, his bid for re-election adrift in a turbulent sea of incompetence and desperation.

In an exposé penned by Nick Arama for Red State, the full extent of Biden’s cognitive decline is starkly illuminated. A report by NBC lays bare a president not merely fraught with anxiety but simmering with impotent fury as he witnesses Trump effortlessly outmaneuvering him in the polls.

Imagine the tableau: a smug and emboldened Trump, his triumph seemingly assured as Biden’s grasp on pivotal battleground states such as Michigan and Georgia slips away, all due to his bungled handling of the Israel conflict. This revelation sends shockwaves reverberating through the White House, inciting a furious eruption from the man who perceives himself as the leader of the free world yet whose actions betray a petulant child unable to reconcile with his own shortcomings.

However, the tragedy does not conclude there. Biden, ostensibly the mastermind, finds himself ensnared in the web of his own making. His aspirations to hit the campaign trail and forge personal connections with voters are repeatedly thwarted by a cohort of handlers more preoccupied with shoring up his crumbling facade than confronting the harsh reality of his dwindling popularity. It’s a melancholic spectacle, evocative of a once-mighty emperor reduced to a pitiable specter of his former self, surrounded by sycophants and cronies who whisper soothing platitudes while the world crumbles around him.

Let’s not mince words: Biden’s approval rating, a dismal 38 percent according to Gallup, places him in the same echelon as failed incumbents like George HW Bush and Jimmy Carter at the nadir of their presidencies. And if that weren’t humiliating enough, ponder the deluge of “uncommitted” votes inundating the Democratic primaries, a damning indictment of Biden’s inability to galvanize even his own party faithful. These are not merely symbolic protests; they constitute a damning rejection of everything Biden professes to uphold, a clear signal that even his staunchest supporters have lost faith in his capacity to lead.

By the time Super Tuesday arrives, over 354,000 such votes have been cast against him, with a staggering 100,000 originating from the pivotal swing state of Michigan alone. For a president whose slender victory in these battlegrounds was the sole lifeline keeping him afloat, it’s a gut-wrenching reminder of the precipitous descent he has undergone.

And let’s not forget the betting odds, which serve as a stark wake-up call for the Biden campaign. With odds at +200, his chances of winning re-election are as slim as a snowball’s chance in hell. It’s a clear sign that the end is near, and the campaign is facing some serious challenges.

In brief, Biden’s attempt for re-nomination is not an epic tragedy but a nuanced comedy of weaknesses and miscalculations alerting every future elected official to overestimate his own abilities, miss key opportunities for cooperation, and plainly waste precious time. The intrigue clock is marking time, and the descent of Biden to its expected downfall started. The remaining question would be about the amount of time it will take to bring this unfortunate lament stage to an end in the history of America.