Bombshell About Kerry’s Tenure as Sec. of State

John Kerry Former United States Secretary of State
John Kerry Former United States Secretary of State. Credit | Getty images

United States: In a startling and disconcerting disclosure, informants have apprised Senators Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) that erstwhile Secretary of State John Kerry employed a pseudonymous government email account whilst fulfilling his duties as the nation’s chief diplomat during the Obama administration. This audacious breach of established protocols engenders grave national security apprehensions and unveils astonishing duplicity, particularly when juxtaposed with the aggressive, unprecedented incursion into former President Donald Trump’s domicile concerning document management.

Fox News Digital procured a communiqué from Grassley and Johnson directed to Secretary of State Antony Blinken, soliciting immediate and exhaustive elucidation on whether Kerry adhered to federal records statutes. The whistleblowers divulged that Kerry utilized the email designation “” in his official capacity. This flagrant transgression of protocol during a pivotal era of US diplomacy is unequivocally scandalous.

Kerry’s conduct is not an isolated occurrence but indicative of a troubling pattern within the Obama administration of disregarding federal records laws. This is reminiscent of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s infamous employment of a non-government server for official business—an action that endangered national security and eroded public trust. Grassley and Johnson have been vociferously warning about such infringements since 2015, yet the Democratic establishment persists in operating with apparent impunity.

Compounding the outrage, it has emerged that President Biden, during his tenure as vice president, also resorted to a non-government email for official business and employed pseudonymous emails. This casts a protracted shadow of skepticism over the administration’s regard for federal records statutes and transparency. Despite these egregious violations, the Biden administration has consistently failed to address them, displaying a disturbing double standard compared to the relentless pursuit of Trump over document handling.

The whistleblowers’ narratives also imply that Kerry and his State Department actively obstructed FBI efforts to apprehend individuals within the United States allegedly aiding Iran’s nuclear ambitions. This obstruction, motivated by Kerry’s fervent determination to secure the flawed Iran Nuclear Deal, constitutes a severe threat to national security. The notion that a senior US official could undermine law enforcement to mollify a hostile foreign power is both shocking and intolerable.

Grassley and Johnson are now demanding responses from Blinken regarding the usage of the email address, insisting on the release of all records associated with it. They also doubt him regarding leaked information in his communication with Iran’s Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif after serving his tenure. One cannot help but question: if such actions are proven to be true, then these people can be considered neglecting their duties and possibly betraying America.

One must be folly to overlook the duplicity of the Democratic party. Raising a media storm on the President of the United States over his handling of documents, they mostly ignore their own violations, which are much more dangerous to national security. This double standard is both unfair and dangerous as it creates clear additional scrutiny for a certain group of people while at the same time eroding the principles of the rule of law and undermining the trust people can have in institutions.

This is where accountability and transparency are needed most urgently due to the state of events prevalent at present. The American populace should be aware of these possibly dangerous and self-righteous moves by some of the most prominent Democratic representatives. The best way to protect our nation is to ensure that those who have threatened its security are dealt with according to the law.

These immediate questions hence remain unanswered, and the State Department has up to July 1 to respond to them. The costs for not asking those questions are unimaginable and the American people need and want those questions answered. It is thus incumbent upon us to see to it that no single government official is sheltered from the standard of nobility that we advocate.