Democrat Drama: Michelle Obama Abandons Bidens Over Family Snub

Michelle Obama Former First Lady of the United States
Michelle Obama Former First Lady of the United States. Credit | Getty images

United States: In the latest chapter of the Biden campaign saga, Michelle Obama is allegedly giving her erstwhile White House confidants the cold shoulder due to the melodrama involving Kathleen Buhle, Hunter Biden’s former spouse. Michelle is reportedly displeased with how the Bidens treated Buhle post-divorce, and it’s not hard to see why. The plot deepens, dear audience.

Michelle Obama, the epitome of elegance and composure, formed a camaraderie with Buhle during Joe Biden’s vice-presidential tenure and Hunter’s initial marriage. Fast forward to 2015, Buhle and Hunter go their separate ways, finalizing their divorce in 2017. Buhle reveals all in her memoir “If We Break,” shedding light on Hunter’s struggles with addiction and infidelity. According to the keen-eyed observers at Axios, the Bidens then ostracized Buhle. Cue the drama!

The Biden family, it appears, were not too pleased with Buhle’s public airing of their dirty laundry, despite Hunter having done some airing of his own in his 2021 memoir “Beautiful Things.” The irony is palpable, according to the reports.

And now for the juiciest part. Michelle, ever the steadfast friend, felt Buhle was unjustly marginalized and has since been rather cool towards the Bidens. This hasn’t exactly been advantageous for Joe as he preps for another electoral showdown with Trump. Michelle has been active with her voter registration initiatives but conspicuously absent from Biden’s campaign trail. She reportedly had reservations about campaigning for Biden in 2020 but did make an appearance at the Democratic National Convention. Will history repeat itself?

Despite the frosty undercurrents, there are murmurs about Michelle possibly campaigning for Biden again. With her soaring approval ratings and undeniable charisma, she could be the ace up Joe’s sleeve. However, the shadow of 2015 looms large, when Obama supposedly nudged Biden to forgo the presidential race, clearing the path for Hillary Clinton. Talk about awkward family dynamics.

Reportedly, despite the ongoing drama, the Obamas and Bidens maintain a united front. They recently appeared together at a lavish fundraiser, bonded by their mutual aversion to Trump. Still, one cannot omit Obama’s vulgar statement at the Beau Biden Foundation event in 2017 when he said while speaking of the Hunter-Hallie relationship: “We talked about some weird s–t. ” While he later denied saying it, the remark followed Obama like a damaging family secret.

 However, the White House and Michelle’s team did not linger in the Axios report and dismissed it. “The Biden and Obama families are like family to each other,” said Biden spokesman Andrew Bates, likely using a pinch of hope as he spoke those words. On the other hand, Michelle’s spokesperson pointed to the murder of Marian Robinson as evidence that Jill Biden remains friends with her, as she attended the memorial for the latter. Sure, Jan.

 As the Bidens and Obamas continue to navigate this political rollercoaster, one thing is certain: The drama is very far from ended.” Stay tuned for the next enthralling episode of “Dysfunction Unplugged: The Biden Obama Chronicles.