Ex-President Drops “Yuge” VP Hint

Former President of the US Donald Trump | Credits: Getty Images
Former President of the US Donald Trump | Credits: Getty Images

United States: Former President Trump has hinted at having a “notable notion” regarding his vice presidential candidate but intends to reveal his selection during this summer’s Republican National Convention.

During a recent dialogue at the Republican National Committee’s headquarters in Washington DC, Trump shared his musings following sessions with the National Republican Senatorial Committee. When probed about whether his potential running mate attended any of these gatherings, Trump remarked, “Perhaps. I don’t wish to delve into specifics, but I believe the declaration will likely occur at the convention. We have some exceptional individuals in consideration.”

The Republican National Convention is slated for July 15-18 in Milwaukee. Among those conjectured to be on Trump’s shortlist is Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin. Trump acknowledged, “Yes, I think he could be a possibility. He’s on that list.”

During the interview, Trump was also queried about his perspective on President Biden as a father following Hunter Biden’s indictment on federal firearm charges. Trump recognized the gravity of the situation, commenting, “It’s a profoundly serious matter. I grasp that subject quite well, having experienced similar issues with people in my circle. It’s a strenuous ordeal, whether it involves alcohol or drugs. It’s a challenging period for any family entangled in such circumstances.”

Hunter Biden was recently convicted of three felony charges linked to the acquisition of a revolver in 2018, where he falsely declared on a federal gun-purchase form that he was neither unlawfully using nor addicted to drugs. President Biden has asserted that he will not employ his presidential powers to appeal his son’s conviction, highlighting his pride in Hunter’s path to recovery.

Later in the interview, Trump addressed former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan’s prospective Senate bid. Hogan, a Republican who abstained from endorsing Trump in the 2016 and 2020 elections and has backed Nikki Haley over Trump, is someone Trump would like to see succeed. “Indeed, I’d like to see him win,” Trump stated, adding, “I believe he has a strong chance of victory.”

As anticipation mounts, all attention will be focused on the Republican National Convention this summer for the eagerly awaited disclosure of Trump’s vice presidential selection.