FBI Agent Confirms Authenticity of Hunter Biden’s “Laptop From Hell”

Hunter Biden during his recent gun trials | Credits: Getty Images
Hunter Biden during his recent gun trials | Credits: Getty Images

United States: Amidst the legal proceedings on the second day of Hunter Biden’s firearms trial, FBI agent Erika Jensen unequivocally affirmed the genuineness of his notorious laptop, shedding light on the profound corruption and duplicity within the Biden Administration.

The saga of the so-called “laptop from hell,” initially unveiled by Emma-Jo Morris of Breitbart News in October 2020, faced immediate dismissal by mainstream media as “Russian disinformation,” a blatant endeavor to conceal a legitimate scandal during the pivotal days leading up to the 2020 electoral showdown. Despite the preponderance of evidence, the established media audaciously molded the narrative to shield Joe Biden’s presidential aspirations, according to reports.

Subsequently, the Department of Justice substantiated the laptop’s legitimacy through legal filings, summoning Jensen to validate it before the court, as it stands as a pivotal piece of evidence. Embedded within the laptop is a myriad of WhatsApp, iMessage, and text communications directly linked to Hunter Biden’s undertakings.

The DOJ corroborated the laptop’s provenance by establishing Hunter Biden’s patronage of a computer establishment where he left it and confirming its contents’ congruence with data extracted from Hunter’s iCloud via a duly issued search warrant, as delineated by Breitbart News in January. In court, Jensen meticulously scrutinized the laptop, ensconced within an evidence pouch, and delineated the FBI’s authentication protocol. As she handled the device, Hunter’s spouse, Melissa Cohen-Biden, exhibited visible distress, engaging in dialogue with Hollywood attorney Kevin Morris, according to court transcripts.

The prosecutor unveiled a USD 85 invoice from The Mac Shop as corroborative evidence, further affirming the laptop’s legitimacy. Jensen attested, “This is the laptop that was retrieved from the computer establishment,” and authenticated it by matching its serial code with records furnished by Apple Inc. Jensen assiduously endeavored to captivate the jury while elucidating the FBI’s methodology for procuring iCloud data through warrants. Jurors appeared deeply engrossed, with several jotting down notes, while Hunter Biden, sporting spectacles, oscillated between notetaking and consulting his legal counsel.

The FBI’s inquiry unearthed 18,000 pages of correspondence, photographs, and videos from Hunter’s laptop, cellphone, and tablet, although only 75 pages are pertinent to the trial, as per NBC News. Despite the damning evidence, the initial report by the New York Post in 2020 encountered vehement repudiation from the mainstream media. CNN’s Natasha Bertrand authored a now-discredited Politico narrative, citing “scores of former intelligence officials” to propagate a fallacious depiction of the laptop’s origins.

It took the established media over a year to concede their egregious misstep. The Washington Post, in March 2022, ultimately conceded to the authenticity of Hunter’s communications, after willfully disregarding the narrative for 532 days. CNN similarly validated the laptop’s authenticity over 500 days post the initial report, having previously vilified it as “Russian disinformation” and “fabricated.”

The New York Times followed suit nearly two years later, affirming the legitimacy of Hunter’s electronic correspondences, as delineated by Breitbart News. Fifteen media personalities falsely asserted the emails were likely Russian propaganda. Notably, CBS News correspondent Lesley Stahl erroneously informed President Donald Trump in 2020 that the laptop could not be authenticated, as per reports.

President Joe Biden and his press secretary, Jen Psaki, perpetuated these falsehoods, disseminating misleading statements regarding the laptop’s origins. Joe Biden dismissed it as “Russian disinformation” and “a smear campaign,” while Psaki categorized it as part of a “wide spectrum of Russian disinformation.”

The case, United States v. Hunter Biden, No. 24-1703, in the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, epitomizes the abyss of corruption and deceit within the Biden Administration and underscores the lengths to which the mainstream media will go to safeguard their favored candidates. The deliberate suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop narrative during the 2020 electoral saga is a scandal that should enrage every American who cherishes truth and transparency in governance.