House Republicans Propose Renaming Washington Dulles Airport to Honor Former President Trump

House Republicans Propose Renaming Washington Dulles Airport to Honor Former President Trump | Credits: Reuters
House Republicans Propose Renaming Washington Dulles Airport to Honor Former President Trump | Credits: Reuters

United States: A contingent of House Republicans is advocating for the renaming of the primary international airport in Washington DC after former President Trump.

Representative Guy Reschenthaler, a Republican from Pennsylvania and the House GOP’s principal deputy whip presented the proposal on Friday alongside six fellow lawmakers.

“In my lifetime, the pinnacle of our nation’s greatness was reached under the stewardship of President Donald J Trump,” remarked Reschenthaler to Fox News Digital. “As countless travelers from both within the country and abroad traverse through the airport, there exists no finer emblem of liberty, prosperity, and fortitude than the announcement of ‘Welcome to Trump International Airport’ upon their arrival on American territory,” according to Fox News.

Documentation from the legislature, procured by Fox News Digital on Monday, outlined that should the bill be ratified, “the Washington Dulles International Airport in Virginia will, subsequent to the enactment of this Act, assume the appellation and designation of the ‘Donald J Trump International Airport.'”

“Any allusion in any statute, ordinance, cartography, manuscript, or other official record of the United States to the airport delineated in subsection (a) shall henceforth be regarded as an allusion to the Donald J. Trump International Airport,” succinctly stated the concise bill.

Moreover, approximately seven-Congressmen from across the nation have allocated their support to Reschenthaler’s resolve, such as Representatives Michael Waltz of Florida, Andy Ogles of Tennessee, Chuck Fleischmann of Tennessee, Paul Gosar of Arizona, Barry Moore of Alabama, and Troy Nehls of Texas that are listed on the website.

The likelihood that the Republicans might consider this bill in the Senate’s House is quite slim as this is in the control of the Democrats. Nevertheless, its passage would be the D.C.-area port the second airfield furthers under a Republican commander in chief after the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Arlington, Virginia, was renamed in 1997, according to Fox News.

Washington Dulles International Airport | Credits: AP Photo

“In 1998, the National Airport in Washington was rechristened after one of our esteemed presidents, Ronald Reagan. It is only appropriate that we extend this honor to another one of our exceptional presidents, Donald J Trump, especially in light of his steadfast stance against the encroachment of authoritarian governance in defense of the American populace,” expressed Moore to Fox News Digital.

Gosar echoed similar sentiments, stating, “I can discern no more befitting tribute than the naming of both airports in our nation’s capital after America’s preeminent presidents: DCA after President Reagan and Dulles after President Trump.”

Dulles stands as a bustling international nexus crucial for the travel of legislators and other officials in Washington, particularly for airlines and routes not serviced by Reagan, which is dwarfed by its counterpart in Loudoun County.

In terms of passenger traffic in 2023, Dulles ranked 33rd out of 764 airports across the United States, as per the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. Approximately 25 million passengers traversed through Dulles last year, encompassing both domestic and international travel, as per Fox News.

Moreover, according to Air Advisor, Dulles ranks as the fourth-largest airport in the United States in terms of land area.