Leftist Loons Meltdown Over “Reparations” in New York

New York Governor Governor Kathy Hochul | Credits: AP Photo
New York Governor Governor Kathy Hochul | Credits: AP Photo

United States: Amidst the burgeoning inclination of an emerging generation diverging starkly from the political convictions of their progenitors, Governor of New York, Kathy Hochul has taken the initiative to request legislative delineation outlining the intentions of a commission delving into reparative measures.

However, within the labyrinth of authentic tribulations that New Yorkers grapple with, encompassing crime, homelessness, and the deterioration of public infrastructure, the governor deems it apt to allocate scarce resources and time solely to this symbolic undertaking.

The very notion of reparations stands as a rebuke to diligent Americans of diverse backgrounds, constituting a maneuver intended to foster division along racial lines and perpetuate a victimhood narrative resonating with the left. Rather than espousing self-reliance and personal accountability, there’s a proclivity towards disbursing taxpayer funds to those ready to invoke the victim card.

Bertha Lewis and her compatriots at the Black Institute champion this cause, propounding the outlandish concept that all Black individuals are entitled to reparations based on a nebulous notion of “systemic discrimination.” Here’s a reality check for Ms. Lewis: America is a land of opportunity where individuals, irrespective of race, can attain success through diligence and determination. Succumbing to victimhood won’t pave the way to prosperity in this nation.

Let’s not disregard Mona Davids, who, at the very least, acknowledges that reparations should be confined to descendants of chattel slavery. Nevertheless, she falls short by neglecting to recognize that the very idea of reparations is a perversion of justice. Present-day taxpayers shouldn’t bear the burden of atonement for historical transgressions.

Governor Hochul’s pronouncements only serve to exacerbate the situation, implying that even immigrants who arrived post-slavery should shoulder some responsibility for reparations. This guilt-by-association logic is not only illogical but downright offensive to the millions of industrious immigrants who sought a better and improved life for themselves and their families in the country.

Enough is enough. This is the opportune moment to terminate this absurdity; instead, we must confront the substantive issues plaguing our communities. Reparations are nothing more than a cynical political ploy, and it’s time to censure them for what they truly represent: a reprehensible depletion of the public purse to finance ostentation and navigate the quagmire of inequality where the principles upon which this nation was founded lie submerged.

Unfortunately, the left’s fixation on identity politics seems boundless. They will stop at nothing to partition us and sow discord in the guise of political correctness. I assert that enough is enough. It’s time to repudiate their divisive agenda and unite as Americans to confront the real challenges facing our country.

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