SOTU Fallout: Biden’s Verbal Offense Against Trump and Homeland Security Chaos

President of the US - Joe Biden | Credits: CNN
President of the US - Joe Biden | Credits: CNN

United States: Biden’s State of the Union address, by no means unexpectedly caused a volley of criticisms, especially as he was completely forthright with pure vitriol directed on his forerunner, Donald Trump, describing the former as biased partisan tirade in the presence of the former power-uncertainty that Trump had held.

As he continued his speech, Biden made frequent references to Trump as “my predecessor,” which is an intentional strategy meant to squarely position Trump outside the Oval Office whose last visit was three years ago. Firstly, it should be noted that the article did not specifically say ‘Trump’ mentioned points out the fact that the author maker attempted to remove the name as a sign of refusing to be pulled into a direct argument.

In the part what is definitely a blunt criticism, Biden assailed Trump’s taking it easy stance on the necessity of the Kremlin to create a conflict on the ground of Ukraine and accused the latter of being submissive to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who was not afraid to take some tough decisions during Trump’s presidency. Biden claims, “You go to a Republican ex-President and he says to Putin ‘go ahead and do whatever the hell you want’ because that’s exactly what Donald Trump has done.” So, the former US President it the one best able to say where the blame for the Russia-Ukraine war lies.

In his speech about the Capitol riot on January 6th, 2021, Biden lost no energy in condemning Trump and his other followers, declaring that they were trying to bury the truth for the sake of their own self-interest. Conforming to him, his party along with the democrats have been busy ever since to sue Trump and independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to make sure they never appear.

To the abortion issue where the phrase “reproductive rights” came into play, Biden did not fail to mention Trump who, at the end of the day, was his predecessor and that he was relevant to the question of women’s access to healthcare. In this instance he can take the opportunity to restate his promise of filling the gap through the legislative process and defending the terminology he and his supporters label “female reproduction rights.” in spite of the obstacle in his way in defining word “woman”.

This is what Biden did throughout his speech, with Trump being the frequent reference for all of his numerous failures as well as shortcomings created while he was serving. Biden tried to stay sharp to castigate Trump’s legacy on every point possible; this left Trump’s term of office with proof of backsliding all in all.

Biden did not shy away from expressing his opinions and this led him to an immediate opposition campaign offered by the conservatives. White House speechwriter as mentioned by Marc Thiessen in the recent past described it as the “the most partisan” in modern history and further termed it as “utter disgrace”. As the former employee of the George W. Bush administration who took part in writing State of the Union addresses, he thought that the biased attacks against Trump were unheard of and could damage the decorum of the event.

Alongside with the speech Uncle Joe delivered, the DHS has also become a venue of a very distinct crisis. The websites of the DHS side such as those of the CBP, ICE, FEMA, and Secret Service all went offline suddenly and without an explanation. The sequence as to which the outage took place was also thought raising especial as Biden was anticipated to attend to the not yet resolved issue of the border during his address. His remarks will surely prompt further questioning concerning the administration’s quality and preparedness.

This speech reignited the political conflict in the United States and led to a race for White House in 2020 with many of Americans attacking Trump or counter attacking Biden.

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