Trump Slams Biden’s Mexico Policy: “Not One Dime”

Donald Trump (left) and Joe Biden (right) | Credits: Politico
Donald Trump (left) and Joe Biden (right) | Credits: Politico

United States: In a scorching denunciation of the Biden administration’s foreign strategy, ex-President Trump launched an onslaught of censure during his appearance on “One Nation” with Brian Kilmeade, condemning the utter dearth of regard exhibited by foreign dignitaries towards President Biden.

During an exclusive conversation on the conservative juggernaut show “Fox & Friends,” Kilmeade interrogated Trump regarding Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s recent discussion with CBS’ “60 Minutes” correspondent Sharyn Alfonsi.

Kilmeade probed, “On ’60 Minutes,’ the Mexican president stated, ‘We’re not going to close our border until you modify your stance on Cuba and adjust your approach towards Venezuela.’ Is it acceptable for the Mexican president to prescribe American policies?”

Former President of the US | Credits: Getty Image

Trump, with his characteristic straightforwardness, did not mince words. “Well, he expressed much more than that. He essentially demanded USD 10 billion just for dialogue, USD 10 billion for dialogue, and that’s emerged subsequently, and no, that wouldn’t transpire under my administration, with regards to the border wall.”

The former President’s remarks laid bare the bold audacity of Mexico’s requisites, underscoring a glaring lack of deference for President Biden’s authority. “It’s patently clear: a lack of reverence for the president. They would never dare articulate such ultimatums to me. They wouldn’t even contemplate it. They’re requesting $10 billion annually; Mexico just requested $10 billion annually. That’s not how negotiations unfold. I wouldn’t yield a single cent to them,” Trump asserted.

In the “60 Minutes” exchange, López Obrador reiterated his stipulations to the Biden administration, encompassing the lifting of embargoes on Cuba and Venezuela, provision of USD 20 billion in yearly assistance to Latin American and Caribbean nations, and provision of legal status to Mexican undocumented migrants in the US The Mexican president’s audacious position hinted that the floodgates of migrants would persistently remain open until his terms were met.

US President Joe Biden | Credits: Reuters

Trump concluded the discussion with a foreboding prognostication, sounding the alarm on the pivotal nature of forthcoming elections. “Take heed of my words; the destiny of our nation hangs in the balance as November 5th approaches. Our nation is in a downward spiral, and unless substantial reforms are instituted, we stand on the precipice of losing everything.”

The conversation serves as a damning indictment of the Biden administration’s ineffectual approach to international policy, set against Trump’s resolute and steadfast stance on global matters.