Voters Favor Trump Over Biden on Economy, Borders, and Fitness: Poll

Former President of the US Donald Trump | Credits: AP
Former President of the US Donald Trump | Credits: AP

United States: American voters have been shifting towards former President Donald Trump and have stated that he has better command over the nation, in terms of economy and borders protection. In addition to this, voters have also highlighted that Trump can be a better president both – physically and mentally, as compared to President Biden.

The conflict between Trump and Biden will be the first presidential rematch in last 70 years. According to the recent poll published by Fox News, former President has been leading Biden in maximum of the key issues.

The latest polls have suggested that Former President has been leading on four major issues, including Border and Immigration – Trump leading by 18 points, the economy – leading by 15 points, foreign policy – leading by 7 points and crime/guns – leading by 7 points.

In contrary, in issues like abortion, preserving democracy and election integrity and health care, President Biden is leading by 12 points, 7 points and 7 points, respectively.


Trump’s numbers on the economy assessment remain steady and above the double digit in this tracker. This comes at a time when the American citizens are challenged in how to deal with the rising costs of goods and services due to inflation.

Consequently, the average price has risen by 19 percent over the same period and this shows that buyers would have been willing to 3% as little as it has been in the three years since Biden assumed the presidency while although weekly wages have also risen they have not at the same rate.

Trump has elevated the issue of high costs of some basic product including milk, eggs and even gasoline as his political agenda.

However, the Biden campaign avails itself of other figures summarizing the economy that it utilizes in support of its argument. For example, unemployment has been recorded at a four-decade low, and Gross Domestic Product reveals economy expansion.

Nevertheless, inflation and other facets of the economy do not appear to win voters much more goodwill for the administration than they do for inflation alone.

These preferences were measured in a poll conducted by the ABC/Ipsos last month, asking the American public for whom they are willing to vote on the economy and inflation.

Trump also leads on the former by 14-point margin and the latter by 14 points as well.


Survey participants believe that Biden will be more effective at managing the decision of abortion compared to Trump. This tracker shows that though issues have changed, Biden has a 12 point lead over the former.

This serves as an advantage to the incumbent president because they are likely to continue benefiting from those opportunities long after they have finished serving their term. A latest Fox News poll indicated that a number of voters felt that it was an issue that could cause them not to vote for the candidate from their party.

That is, those three mentioned issues comprise of controversies most likely to influence the decision makers to vote in November. Most importantly, 58 percent of women in the suburbs and 56 percent of black voters deemed abortion the most crucial matter.

It has been seen that 25 states have restricted access to abortion, sometimes quite horrifically, after the Supreme Court ruling to overturn the Roe v Wade decision that considered abortion.

Earlier this year, in April, Trump suggested that it is the states’ decision whether abortions should be allowed or not. He also said that he was in favor of making it legal for women to receive an abortion in the case of ‘rape, incest, ‘ and where the mother’s life is in danger. Trump did not say whether he is willing to sign that into law on a federal basis.

In either case, 63% of the voters for this poll have declared that they still would like abortion to be legal in all or most circumstances.

Border and immigration

The American voters believe that Donald Trump is the best candidate to manage the border and immigration issue. According to the polls, he has the largest lead for any candidate in this tracker.

The population of the US have preferred Trump by around 18 points. Reports have revealed that Biden is not favoured by the general public because of the influx of illegal immigration during this administration.


Americans voters have stated that they believe that Trump is more physically and mentally fit as compare to present president Joe Biden. Majority of the people have stated that Biden is “too old” to become the next president of the US.

President Biden, the eldest President in US history, is presently vying for a second term that would conclude when he reaches the age of 86. Throughout his tenure, he has encountered instances of memory lapses and stumbling, often avoiding interviews. Democrats argue that Biden is only marginally older than Trump, who, if re-elected, would finish his second term at 82. However, the data indicates that voters are considerably less apprehensive about Trump’s physical and mental acuity.