White House Physician Sounds the Alarm About Sleepy Joe’s Brain

US President Joe Biden
US President Joe Biden

United States: A former White House medical practitioner turned Republican legislator has sounded a somber alarm regarding President Biden’s cognitive acuity, branding it a severe “national security” peril.

“The article merely corroborates my longstanding assertion: he lacks the fitness to serve as the commander-in-chief,” Rep. Ronny Jackson, R-Texas, articulated on Wednesday. “He harbors substantial inadequacies, rendering him unsuitable for the position. It presents a national security quandary for our nation.”

This disquieting declaration ensues a startling exposé from The Wall Street Journal, drawing upon interviews with 45 individuals over numerous months. The report contends that congressional figures and others who have encountered Biden have observed a discernible deceleration in his cognitive prowess, portraying him as “someone who experiences both moments of lucidity and moments of cognitive impairment.” This transcends mere political discourse; it signifies a jeopardy to the safety and security of our nation perpetrated by a president demonstrably unsuitable for his role.

Before assuming office in Congress, Jackson served as the principal White House physician to former Presidents Obama and Trump. Additionally, he fulfilled the role of chief medical consultant for the latter.

The Journal’s exposé has elicited vehement rebuttals from the White House and its allies, dismissing it as a partisan attack orchestrated by the GOP. Nevertheless, Jackson underscored that certain critiques emanated from Democrats. The report remarked, “While the majority of critics who assessed Biden negatively hailed from the Republican camp, there were some Democrats who opined that he exhibited signs of aging during various interactions.”

Even members within his own political faction are beginning to acknowledge the looming reality.

The Texan Republican speculated that this might herald the onset of a political upheaval against the 81-year-old President. “The fact that this information surfaced in such a manner and is so meticulously substantiated leads me to surmise that this could mark the initial stages of the left’s endeavor to lay the groundwork for his removal,” Jackson posited. This unequivocally indicates a loss of confidence in his leadership, even among his staunch supporters.

Jackson disclosed that he has dispatched five missives to the White House since Biden assumed office in January 2021, urging him to undergo a cognitive assessment and divulge the results publicly. Regrettably, all five communications have been met with silence, he lamented. This obstinate refusal to uphold transparency is reprehensible and exacerbates apprehensions regarding the potential concealment of pertinent information.

“I am uncertain of the utility in dispatching another missive at this juncture,” Jackson remarked. “They have chosen to disregard all previous correspondence.” This overt disregard for transparency constitutes a betrayal of the trust reposed by the American populace.

White House spokesperson Andrew Bates retorted to Jackson’s assertions by likening him to a character from “The Simpsons” noted for dubious medical practices. This puerile rejoinder serves as a diversionary tactic from the pressing inquiries concerning Biden’s cognitive well-being. “I would liken Dr. Nick Riviera to the sentiments expressed by Kevin McCarthy regarding negotiations with President Biden at the moment, characterized as ’eminently professional, astute, and simultaneously formidable,'” Bates retorted. Such evasions not only prove unavailing but perilous when national security hangs in the balance.

Recent polls have underscored concerns regarding Biden’s advanced age as a predominant apprehension among voters. A March poll conducted by The New York Times/Siena College revealed that 61% of respondents who cast their ballots for Biden in 2020 concurred with the assertion, “Joe Biden’s advanced age impairs his effectiveness as president.” The American populace is awakening to the stark reality that our commander-in-chief is unequal to the task.

Bates rebuffed The Journal’s exposé, asserting, “Congressional Republicans, foreign dignitaries, and impartial national security experts have unequivocally attested to President Biden’s acumen and efficacy as a leader, underscored by his extensive legislative track record.” However, no amount of spin can obfuscate the mounting evidence of Biden’s cognitive decline.

Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., posted on X, “Several of us engaged extensively with [The Journal] to furnish firsthand accounts of our interactions with [Biden], wherein we witnessed his sagacity, experience, fortitude, and strategic acumen. However, The Journal elected to disregard Democratic testimony, focusing instead on Republican criticisms and disseminating a smear campaign.” This endeavor to shield Biden from scrutiny merely begets further questions regarding his fitness for office.

“I provided comprehensive insights to The Journal pertaining to the January meeting on Ukraine, wherein the President exhibited absolute engagement and presided over the proceedings in a manner that fostered unity among participants. Curiously, my remarks were excluded from the narrative — a puzzling omission,” Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., articulated on X. This selective narrative construction hints at a concerted effort to shield Biden from censure at any cost, notwithstanding his palpable decline in leadership aptitude.

President Biden’s cognitive deterioration transcends political partisanship; it constitutes a national exigency. The American populace merits a leader possessed of mental acuity and equipped to discharge the weighty responsibilities of the presidency. It is incumbent upon Biden to relinquish his position before his incapacity inflicts irreparable harm upon our nation.