Burris BTS35 V2 Thermal Riflescope Extends the Hunt All Night

Burris just extended your hunt to all night with its BTS35 V2 thermal riflescope. Featuring five unique color pallets and picture-in-picture, the scope delivers a 4-power zoom for positive target identification. Likewise, ten reticles with color and illumination settings ensure your reticle doesn’t get lost in the details.

The Burris BTS35 V2 Thermal Riflescope

At the heart of the BTS35 V2 is the Burris Cyber Core thermal processing system. Combining a 12µm 35MM objective lens, 400×300 thermal sensor, and advanced image processor, the scope delivers clear and detailed images. As a result, positive target identification is possible, even at distance.

Providing five unique color pallets, the BTS35 V2 allows users to uncover hidden targets and detect hidden heat signatures. The color pallet can be selected based on user preference via the onscreen user-friendly interface. Inspired by popular video game menus, the interface is accessible using a rotary dial controller for easy functionality in total darkness.

The available color pallets are:

  • White Hot
  • Black Hot
  • Red Hot
  • Green Hot
  • Blue Hot

Along with the robust color pallet are ten user-selectable reticles in either first or second focal plane. The reticles are also adjustable for color and illumination, so your reticle doesn’t get lost in the surrounding details.

Featuring mobile connectivity via the BurrisConnect app, the BTS35 V2 provides video recording and complete control of your device. Likewise, the scope can stream video to up to five devices in real time, so you can share the hunt. Additionally, picture-in-picture, stadia metric ranging, and hot track help keep your eyes on target throughout the shot.

The BTS35 V2 utilizes readily available rechargeable 18650 batteries with hot swap capabilities and extended battery life. As a result, you don’t have to worry about your scope’s charge during a long hunt.

Burris partnered with American Defense Manufacturing to co-design a unique quick detach mounting system. The system allows up to 163mm of forward and rear travel when pairing the scope to the mount. As a result, users have flexibility of their preferred eye relief across MSR and bolt action rifle platforms.


The Burris BTS35 V2 Thermal Riflescope is available now, with an MSRP of $3,000.00. For more info, please visit BurrisOptics.com.

Burris BTS35 V2 Thermal Riflescope Specs

(Photo by Burris)

Magnification: 3.2-12.7X
Detector Resolution: 400×300
Detector Pixel Size: 12µm
Frame Rate: 50 Hz
Focal Length: 35mm F1.0
Focusing: Manual
Visual Angle: 7.8×5.9
Digital Zoom: 1x-4x
Eye Relief: 48mm
Display: 1024×768 OLED
Wi-Fi: Yes
Color Pallets: White Hot, Black Hot, Red Hot 1, Red Hot 2, Red Hot 3, Blue Hot, Green Hot
Working Hours: 5+ Hours
Battery: 18650
Adapter: USB -C
Weight: 30.6 Oz.
MSRP: $3,000.00

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