Entry-Level Spotter Price, Big Performance!

One of the more limiting factor for many shooters and hunters will always be price. So after rifle, optic, ammo and the like, spotting scopes often get regulated into that category of “maybe someday.” But that might just be changing. The new Vortex Crossfire HD spotting scope line brings big performance at at entry-level price point for most.

Vortex Crossfire HD Spotting Scopes Bring Serious Value!

Vortex bills the Crossfire HD as a “feature-rich spotter.” It includes an HD optical system, delivering impressive resolution and edge-to-edge sharpness. These features equal superior detail, according to Vortex. A generous field of view pairs with a robust, durable design to throw in a pack and hike into rough country.

The Arca-Swiss-compatible foot enable the optic to fit directly onto most trips without an adapter. They also mount directly onto all Vortex tripods. The helical focus wheel delivers a snag-free profile. So shooters and hunters won’t fumble pulling the spotter out of the pack when time counts.

The Vortex Crossfire HD comes in both Angled and Straight configurations. Retail prices range from $299.99 to $424.99. For more info, visit vortexoptics.com.

Vortex Crossfire HD Models

  • 12-36×50 (Angled or Straight): MSRP – $299.99
  • 16-48×65 (Angled or Straight): MSRP – $359.99
  • 20-60×80 (Angled or Straight): MSRP – $424.99

Editor’s Take:

Now here’s a Holy Grail for long-range shooters and hunters. We live in the age of the rifleman, and all things bolt and gas gun continue to advance. From ammo to riflescopes to laser-accurate factory rifles, performance comes less expensive than ever before in many respects. But a quality spotting scope still typically requires an investment. With retail prices dipping below $300, the Crossfire HD brings incredible value. If they perform on par with other Vortex optics we’ve ran over the years, these spotters will represent an absolute steal. We hope to get an eval for you real soon.

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