New For 2016: UTG’s Single Point Bungee Sling

When constructing its new Single Point Bungee Sling, UTG focused on the weight management of the firearm — a critical aspect when it comes to slings.

Featuring a steel push button quick detach sling swivel stud, attaching and detaching your firearm is made effortless when needed.

A durable bungee system reduces fatigue by relieving the felt weight of the firearm away from the user’s shoulder and the strap itself is constructed out of heavy duty 1.5-inch quick adjustable nylon webbing for maximum durability and comfort.

With an inner length adjustable from 42 inches to 58 inches, the sling is built to accommodate most body types and gear.

The Single Point Bungee Sling retails for $29.97 and is available now.

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