New Riflescope Line Delivers Seriously BIG Value

Here’s one that nearly flew under that radar with plethora of SHOT Show releases we’ve been pouring over. But make no mistake, this new offering brings some serious value. The new GPO CENTURI riflescope line offers up six new models, from hunting to long-range engagements, with retail prices under $650.

GPO CENTURI Riflescopes

The Centuri line adds six new riflescopes, two of which comprises super-compact models (3-12x44i SC and 4-16x44i SC). Four traditional models, 4-16x44i, 2.5-15x44i, 2.5-15x50i, and 3-18x44i, ensure there is a model to fit most any hunting or shooting need. Each riflescope employs a 30mm tube, 1/4- or .1 MRAD-click adjustments, GPObright high-transmission lens coating, iControl auto-off illuminated reticles, DoubleHD objective lens technology and Zero-stop locking turrets on most models.

CENTURI SUPER-COMPACT: 3-12x44i and 4-16x44i

Designed for shooters seeking a low-profile optic with higher magnification, these super-compact riflescopes fill a unique niche. The 3-12x44i SC is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, fitting seamlessly onto mountain rifles or smaller MSRs. It features the G4i illuminated micro-dot crosshair reticle in the second focal plane and standard capped ¼-MOA turrets. Whereas the 4-16x44i caters to tactically-oriented shooters, boasting an FFP mil-based illuminated reticle and zero-stop locking ballistic turrets with .1 mrad per click adjustments. Remarkably, both scopes measure a mere 9.9 inches in length.

CENTURI FULL SIZE: 4-16x44i, 2.5-15x44i, 2.5-15x50i, and 3-18x44i

Catering to discerning American outdoor enthusiasts seeking exceptional quality optics at a reasonable price, the CENTURI full-sized riflescopes feature a ballistic MOA reticle with an illuminated micro-dot in the second focal plane. All models are equipped with zero-stop locking exposed ballistic turrets, rotating counterclockwise for traditional ¼ MOA adjustments. Blank turrets are available for custom engraving as needed.

Mike Jensen, owner and CEO of GPO USA, emphasized, “This extensive new lineup of Americanized riflescopes is loaded with every feature North American shooters and hunters are looking for. Whether you’re in search of a compact scope for a modern MSR rifle, a scope designed for long-range precision shooting, or a scope for general big game hunting, these riflescopes are guaranteed to deliver exceptional performance. Best of all, we’re offering them at prices far below comparable products in today’s market.”

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SKU# RC420 SC RC450 SC RC440 RC630 RC635 RC650
Model 3-12x44i 4-16x44i C FFP 4-16x44i  2.5-15x44i  2.5x50i  3-18x44i
Reticle G4i Mil ill  MOAi MOAi MOAi MOAi
Weight (oz) 18.9 20 22.7 23.1 22.7 23.3
Length (inches) 9.9 9.9 14.5 14.6 14.6 13.2
Eye Relief 3.75 3.75 3.75 3.75 3.75 3.75
FOV ft@100 yds 45’-11’  34’-9’   31’-8’  50’-8’  50’-8’ 41’-7’
Tube Size 30mm 30mm 30mm 30mm 30mm 30mm
Turret Click Adj. 1/4 .1 MRAD 1/4 1/4 1/4 1/4
Max. Elev. @100y 100″ 100″ 90″ 110″ 110″ 90″
Max. Wind @100y 80″ 80″ 90″ 110″ 110″ 90″
Turret Capped ZS-Lock ZS-Lock ZS-Lock ZS-Lock ZS-Lock
Parallax (yds) 100 10 to inf 10 to inf 10 to inf 10 to inf 10 to inf
MSRP $539 $639 $619 $639 $639 $639

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