The High Speed Gear Apex 2-Point Sling with Quick-Adjustment

Finding the right AR-style rifle can be arduous enough but trying to find the right sling can be a pain. First, you have to decide which is right for you, single-, two- or three-point. Then, in most cases you have to decide the length you are going to be stuck with, during installation/setup. However, the Apex 2-point sling from High Speed Gear provides a unique feature for quick adjustments on the fly.

The High Speed Gear Apex Sling

Constructed of MIL-SPEC tubular webbing, the Apex sling features Schoeller Nanosphere coating, for water resistance and quick drying. Additionally, the low-profile pad is also waterproof for enhanced comfort while running and gunning in inclement conditions. Similarly, the all steel hardware includes MIL-SPEC coating for long-lasting durability.

Making the Apex sling stand out in its class is the proprietary, patent-pending Double-Tap Slider. The Double-Tap Slider allows for quick adjustments on the fly, as a result. With two levels of friction, the user can set the adjustment speed to their personal preference. To switch between friction levels, simply unthread the webbing, flip the slider over and rethread.

The Double-Tap Slider was designed specifically for the Apex and is low profile, while still providing excellent grip. The length is big enough to get your whole hand around, even with gloves, remaining easy to manipulate under duress. Side ribs and end flares provide additional grip during operation, even when wet.

The Berry Amendment compliant sling is made in the USA and is compatible with a wide variety of rifle and carbine mounting options. However, it does not include mounting hardware.

“In a space where most slings share a similar design, details can make all the difference,” explained Daniel Chaney, HSGI® Senior Designer. “Our expert users helped us zero in on features that really matter to demanding users. As a result, the Apex™ is adaptable, comfortable, and reliable, which allows you to focus on the mission.”


The High Speed Gear Apex Sling is available now, with an MSRP of $45.00. For more info, please visit

High Speed Gear Apex Sling Features

  • Mil-spec tubular webbing with Schoeller® Nanosphere® coating, which provides water resistance and rapid drying
  • Steel hardware with mil-spec coating
  • Compatible with a wide range of mounting hardware (not included)
  • Berry Amendment compliant

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