The Peacemaker CCW Jacket from the Self Defense Company

I’m not normally a fan of Winter, but I do like the Fall. Specifically because Fall makes concealed carry a lot easier due to jackets and bulkier clothing. In this case, the Self Defense Company makes concealed carry and body armor more convenient with its Peacemaker CCW Jacket. And it does both discreetly while providing fast access to your firearm.

The Self Defense Company Peacemaker CCW Jacket

Featuring a waterproof, lightweight, and breathable nylon spandex mix, the Peacemaker protects you and your firearm from the elements. Likewise, the triple-layer construction is capable of withstanding winds up to 100 miles per hour. Additionally, the jackets are TSA-compliant and capable of going through security without a concern.

Unique to the Peacemaker jacket is the Hidden Draw System (HDS). This system provides full access to your firearm at all times and works with any carry system. The unique system allows you to draw and point your pistol at the threat without brandishing it. Likewise, if things go south, the breakaway pockets let you present your pistol without hindrance.

(Photo by The Self Defense Company)

In addition, the jacket provides vital front and back ballistic protection via the patent-pending Body Armor Concealment System. Unlike most body armor options, the construction and design of the jacket delivers comfortable all-day wear and armor concealment. Likewise, it’s as easy to take off and put on as any regular jacket.

The armor kit includes two soft level 3A armor panels capable of stopping handgun rounds ranging from .22 LR to .44 Magnum. Additionally, the level 3A armor panels are the same panels used in the company’s Bodyguard Backpack lineup. So, if you have the backpack, you can move the armor between platforms, depending on operational requirements.

The Peacemaker CCW Jacket is available with or without the armor. So, if you already have 10×12 soft armor or a Bodyguard Backpack, you’re ready to go.


The Self Defense Company Peacemaker CCW Jacket is available now with MSRPs of $195.00 (without plates) and $349.00 (with plates). For more info, please visit

The Self Defense Company Peacemaker CCW Jacket.
(Photo by The Self Defense Company)

Self Defense Company Peacemaker CCW Jacket Features

  • Patent Pending Body Armor Concealment System
  • Centerline Front and Back Protection – NIJ Level IIIA
  • Meets and exceeds NIJ Standard 0101.06 for ballistic protection
  • Hidden Draw Conceal Carry System
  • Lightweight Waterproof, Triple Layer (Nylon – Spandex Blend)
  • MSRP: $195 – $349
The Self Defense Company Peacemaker CCW Jacket.
(Photo by The Self Defense Company)

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