VIDEO: High Speed Gear Unveils New 3-Point Tactical Sling

North Carolina-based High Speed Gear has rolled out its new tactical sling.

Touted in the press release as offering the maneuverability of a one-point sling while attaching like a three-point, this tactical sling is manufactured using 1.25-inch tubular nylon webbing and boasts a side-release buckle for quick and easy detachment. Meanwhile, heavy duty 1.25-inch triglides offer fast adjustability and attachment fitting for your firearm. An adapter strap is also included for attachment without slings swivels and mounts. In addition, the sling includes elastic keepers to secure excess webbing.

As a result of the sling’s sliding design, the butt of your firearm naturally hangs at your armpit and rises into the shoulder. This allows the sling to hang behind your back, in front of you for controlled carry or in the tactical carry position without added support.

Available in both black and coyote brown, this tactical sling was designed for full-length rifles and shotguns, but it can be adjusted and fit for a variety of firearms. The MSRP is $39. Watch the video below for installation instructions.

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