Rosco Manufacturing Upper Receiver Groups

We AR fans love to build. The modular platform lends itself to much tinkering and experimentation, trying new blends of components and features aimed at very specific results. But sometimes you just want to cut to the chase, so to speak, and bolt on a more finished product. Enter Rosco Manufacturing Upper Receiver Groups.

Rosco Manufacturing Upper Receiver Groups

The new upper receiver groups come in a variety of variants. Each matches its Rosco barrel lineup, including Bloodline, K9 and Purebred. The new line aims to supply shooters with well-made barrels matched with accessories and components to create one cohesive system built for accuracy.

“From the years of turning barrels (OEM & Commercial), to the hand-picked support components and the many hours of working over a bench, our URGs have every bit of our DNA in them,” said Rosco Manufacturing President Mike D’Angelo Jr. “All of the details that are often disregarded by other manufacturers, headspace, correct torques and gas port/gas block alignment, are the starting points to our upper receiver groups. These features are not just a hit-list of tasks for these URGs, it’s a roadmap that we will never compromise on.”

Rosco uppers feature the “Built” Wedge Lock forged uppers, M-LOK handugards, and Bloodline accessories. Options include a Rosco ACF-R Charging Hanlde and Rosco Bolt Carrier Group. All URGs come with an A2 Flash Hider installed.

The “Built” Wedge Lock of Rosco URGs features the best aftermarket items Rosco sell as standard equipment in a ready to roll combo. From the highly coveted in-house made barrels, Wedge Lock Forged Uppers, Wedge Lock MLOK handguards, to the Rosco Bloodline accessories. Shooters can even have the option to complete the URGs with a Rosco ACF-R Charging Handle and a Rosco Bolt Carrier Group to design one un-stoppable package. All URGs come with an A2 Flash Hider installed.

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Rosco Upper Receiver Groups

  • 12.5” K9 Wedge Lock URG (Built) // K9-125-URG-WG-BLT
  • 11.5” K9 Wedge Lock URG (Built) // K9-115-URG-WG-BLT
  • 13.95” K9 Wedge Lock URG (Built) // K9-1395-URG-WG-BLT
  • 16” Bloodline Wedge Lock URG (Built) // BL-16-URG-WG-BLT
  • 11.5” Bloodline Wedge Lock URG (Built) // BL-115-URG-WG-BLT
  • 16” Purebred Wedge Lock URG (Built) // PB-16-URG-WG-BLT
  • 16” K9 Wedge Lock URG (Built) // K9-16-URG-WG-BLT

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